Does Creatine Work for Everyone? Are You One of the 20-30% Non Responders?

Does creatine work for everyone?

It’s estimated that 20-30% of the population is a creatine non-responder.  Find out why you might be one and if there’s anything you can do about it.

About 20-30% of the population does not respond to creatine supplementation. Does creatine work for everyone? Not if you happen to be a non-responder. While there are some things you can do , it’s not entirely clear why some people do not respond at all to supplementation.


Just taking creatine doesn’t guarantee it will work for you.  If you are one of those “unlucky” 20-30% of the population that takes this sport supplement and notices no effects, you might just be a creatine non-responder.  While the exact reason some people do not respond to creatine supplementation is unknown, there are several theories.  If you missed the post does creatine work, it’s a good refresher.

Does Creatine Work for Everyone?  Here’s Why It Might Not

Examine the type of exercise you are doing.  Creatine effects are most noticed during heavy weight lifting sessions.  If you are not engaging in such sessions and maybe doing endurance work, you may not notice the benefits your weight lifting friends keep telling you about.

Creatine works when muscles are saturated 20% or more.  It’s possible you are somebody who has such naturally high levels that saturation with supplementation won’t raise your levels any higher and you won’t notice any additional benefits.  Furthermore, some individuals may need more assistance in utilizing creatine from the bloodstream.  This is a case for glucose based transports to open the pathways to help get creatine into the muscles.  You’ve probably heard somewhere to take creatine with grape juice?  This type of sugar transport system is why.  To aid in the uptake of creatine into the muscles.  If you’ve never noticed the effects, using this type of creatine transport might do the trick.

Does creatine work for everyone?  Maybe not if you make poor dietary choices.  Diet plays a huge role in your overall nutrition. Excessive caffeine and other variables could prohibit creatine supplementation from working to the full effect.

Exercise enhances creatine absorption.  The timing of taking creatine could make a significant improvement to the benefits and overall effects.  Try timing your creatine intake to after exercise to increase the uptake and saturation if you are not already doing so.

It appears that with some minor changes to the method used to supplement with creatine, dietary modifications and timing, if you have been a creatine non-responder, you might be able to enjoy the benefits of this supplement.