The Mythical Creatine Dosage and How You Can Get it Just Right for You

If you ask “how much creatine should I take?”  Invariably the answer given is 5 grams as a typical creatine dosage.

But did you know it’s WRONG? (it’s generally acceptable but technically incorrect)

Have you ever seen the creatine dosage listed below?  I’m sure you have as it’s the most common recommended serving size given verbally and on almost every single brand of creatine monohydrate you can purchase.

creatine dosage

A Typical Recommended Creatine Dosage is 5 grams. But did you know that is for a 367 lb person? It’s not considering a high dose but it’s really unnecessary. You can use a lot less creatine and get results. Learn how to find the right creatine dosage for you based on your body weight.


A creatine dosage is commonly between 2-25 grams a day depending on your body weight, the stage you are in and any special circumstances.  The more muscle mass you have, the greater the requirement for creatine.  The information below is not your typical creatine dosage that you see on almost any website or products.  To date, there’s been no negative effects reported by such a higher dosage so there’s no real reason to change it.  Keep in mind that almost every study to date has not measured the long term effects of a 5 gram a day creatine dosage.  It’s just nobody has any negative consequences yet after 15 or more years being on the market so it’s generally accepted as safe.

Why Almost Everybody Says 5 Grams of Creatine per Day

The 5 gram daily maintenance dose that every company says to take and almost every fitness professional asked will tell you is the daily dosage is wrong.  But the real reason nobody is going to change it is because it’s too difficult to re-educate the consumer and if you recommend such a dosage, it’s going to work for 99% of the population that would take it and respond to creatine.  Hence, the shotgun approach to supplementation.

So how much creatine can your body absorb?

Bottom line, it depends on your overall body weight which determines your maintenance dosage.  A person who’s 250 lbs will require more than a person who is 130 lbs to maintain muscle saturation (the ultimate goal of creatine supplementation).  Once you’ve reach the saturation point, if the muscle can’t hold anymore, it won’t keep it and will flush out any excess creatine.  Look at the table below to find your perfect dosage based on your body weight.  Any more and you are wasting the product.  Too much and it can technically be dangerous.

The Drawbacks to an Improper Creatine Dosage

Unused (not absorbed excess creatine) ends up in the toilet.  It puts stress on the kidneys and other filtering organs to eliminate it.  It’s a waste of product.  So if you really only need 2.5 g a day creatine dosage based on body weight but all the labels tell you take 5 grams, you are wasting 2.5 grams and putting a small bit of unnecessary stress on your body.  It’s worth the effort to get it right rather.  Unlike protein where 1g per 1 lb of body weight is actually pretty accurate, 5 grams of creatine per day for everybody is well off the mark.

An over consumption of creatine:

  • reduces the efficiency of creatine absorption by muscle,
  • over-supplementation is (athletically) futile,
  • (physiologically) stressful and
  • (economically) wasteful

Creatine Loading Explained

First it’s important to mention you do not need to load creatine for it to be effective.  This phase is optional.  Almost every study done starts off with the loading phase.  This is a quick way to get your muscles saturated with creatine.  It’s important to note that your body can only absorb so much at one time.  5 grams is correct for the average sized male.  So there’s no need to take too much at one time during the loading phase.  The idea is to split up the dosage during the day.  You get the muscles to the saturation point much faster and you start receiving the benefits quicker.

How Long is the Loading Phase

If you use the loading phase, in about 5 days give or take a day, your muscles are at full capacity.  At which point, they can be maintained with just a few grams a day.  The stage after the loading phase is called the maintenance phase.  You can skip the loading phase and just start with a maintenance phase and still derive the full benefits of creatine supplementation.

Is the Loading Phase Really Necessary?

To load or not to load, that is a matter of personal decision and your tolerance to higher levels of creatine initially.  On one hand, the loading phase will aid in results happening quicker.   On the other hand, if you omit the loading phase you will put less stress on the kidneys (renal) and reduce overall stress on your filtering organs.  Most of the stomach discomfort people report are is their intolerance to high levels of creatine.  Skipping the loading phase can help with that situation. Because of the increased susceptibility of older people to kidney dysfunction, anyone over 70 years of age is strongly encouraged to skip the loading phase.

If you skip the loading phase, creatine dose of 0.045 grams of creatine per kilogram of bodyweight is recommended for 4- 5 weeks before incorporating the washout phase explained below.

The Maintenance Phase Explained

You can take just a few grams a day and in about 20 days or so, you’ll be at maximum levels.  The creatine dose only needs to cover the amount of creatine lost per day.  This phase lasts about 3 to 5 weeks before taking a break from creatine supplementation called the Washout Phase.

How Do You Calculate Your Personal Creatine Dosage

During the loading phase take 0.3 grams of creatine for each kilogram that you weigh. Reduce the dosage to 0.03 grams of creatine per kilogram of body weight during the maintenance phase; 10-times less.

Daily creatine dose according to bodyweight

Dose (grams)
This table gives creatine doses during the loading and maintenance phases of supplementation for a range of body weights.

Creatine is rather insoluble. Five grams of creatine requires at least 13 ounces (385 mLs) of liquid to go completely into solution. Therefore, mix your creatine in at least 13-16 ounces (474 mLs) of liquid.

When is the Best Time to Take Creatine

Take one part of your loading dose and your entire maintenance dose immediately after exercise. Include carbohydrates and protein in these meals.  If you aren’t doing the loading phase, then just take your calculated creatine dosage.

Do You Need to Take Creatine Every Day?

Your creatine stores won’t empty in a day or two if you miss a creatine dose.  It takes about a month for your creatine stores to return to normal.

The Washout Phase – When to Stop Taking Creatine

After 4-6 weeks of supplementation, stop taking creatine.  This allows your body to recover and return to normal levels.  This phase lasts for about 1 month. Some research has shown that creatine levels drop in muscle even with continual supplementation.  This is reason alone to stop using creatine for a short period so that the effects and levels and results can be achieved again.

This is a good little summary of creatine monohydrate by

Questions? Comments? Tried Creatine yet? What are your results? Thoughts? Share!


  1. i dont want to gain too much weight , so i mix my creatine with a low carb protein shake and water . will it still give me the same benifits?

    • Absolutely. As long as your muscles reach saturation and you are a creatine responder, you’ll reap the benefits. Mixing it with a low carb protein shake and water will not negate the benefits.

  2. I’ve had problems with creatine from the beginning. I began around a month ago “loading” with a 10mg dose for a week. This caused bloatedness and diarrhea. After that week I used a 5mg dose which after a month caused constipation even though I was drinking insane amounts of water. I would fall asleep then wake up thirsty and with a full bladder. I found I was getting lower back pain but found out by trial and error that drinking even more water would alleviate the discomfort so I think it might have really been kidney discomfort which is the best way I can describe it. Now I’m thinking of not using creatine for a week and then only using 2mg but not sure If I’m just more sensitive to it than others. I weight 170 pounds and It has had incredible physuical results on me. Any advice appreciated.

    • Try using micronized creatine that has a label on it that says “Creapure.” Probably a wee bit more expensive but the micronization may help alleviate the bloating issues. Creapure is a trademark name that means it is produced in Germany. Short of that, you could just be more sensitive to creatine in gerneral. And if that is the case, I’d discontinue the use. This all assumes you have regular physical check ups and that your kidneys are indeed functioning as they should and you have no pre-existing issues. In summary, look for a brand that says Micronized and Creapure on the label. One such brand that shows to meet the label standards and my recommendations above is ON™ Micronized Creatine Powder.

  3. I’m 170 pounds of with veruly little fat and staybim the gym regularly should I stick to 5g or more?

    • 5g is plenty for your body-weight. It is more than sufficient to produce results if you are indeed, a creatine responder. Unless you are in the short loading phase, stick with 5g. While it is technically more than you would need, it’s not anywhere near what would be considered a dangerous level. 5g is standard and covers anybody up to about 240lbs or so. Easier for the supplement companies to say “5g per dose” than give people some complicated formula they will never be able to follow. Stick with 5g as you do not need more.

  4. Hi! I’m currently using a Monohydrate Creatine Creapure. I have skipped the loading phase because I definitely don’t want to be bloated.
    I am a 5’8 168lbs male, I still have the “Belly” and some love handles so bloating is a big no-no.
    I am taking 2-3grams a day.
    What other tips can you recommend so that we can avoid the bloating?
    Thanks for the really informative post!

    • You can avoid or reduce potential bloating by taking micronized creatine monohydrate (look specifically for the word micronized which just means it’s really small particles). Look for the Creapure brand name (German based manufacturer) as to ensure you are getting legit stuff. A bit more expensive but you want pure monohydrate, no fillers, no adds, no cheap companies trying to reduce costs. Ensure you are hydrated. Bloating for the most part is either taking too much and causing stomach discomfort (the loading phase is where most people feel it), using cheap product or not trying a micronized version to see if that helps. If you stick to smaller doses, a Creapure micronized version, skip the loading phase, you should be okay. 2-3 grams a day is okay. It’s the 15+ grams a day (loading phase) is where people usually experience bloating issues.

  5. Big Parm says

    Really great and informative post; straight and right to the point with no unnecessary fillers. Thank you!

  6. Do you know anything about creatine causing hairloss? Thanks

  7. If my protein have 2,5gr creatine in each scoop and i took 3times a day, can i take creatine again ? I had creatine mono creapure before i bought this protein. Thanks

    • No need to take it again. In theory, you’ve already had 7.5g in a day which is more than enough to saturate your muscles. Personally I avoid proteins with additives so I can control my intakes. In your case, there’s no need to further supplement with additional Creatine if the protein you consume has 2.5g per serving and you take that 3 days a day.

  8. Lovepreet says

    I used creatine for 2 months
    Now I stopped it for past 16 days
    So now again am strting to taking it ,,will 10grams of creatine per day for 10 days can do the reloading for me ??
    Plz rpy need an answer

    • It takes about 30 days for your normal Creatine levels to return to normal after you stop supplementation. If you stopped 16 days ago and are going to start up again, you can skip the loading phase. ~5g a day (plenty for most people) will work just fine.

  9. vivek verma says

    can we take cretaine with weight gainer ?

  10. Hi.. I’m starting off on creatine… But don’t no what dosage to take and when to take it… I go gym 4 times a week… I don’t want to load up… So how much do I take a day? How many doses and when is best to take it?? Much appreciated… And what’s it best taken with..?

    • No need to load up. Loading only gets you to muscle saturation quicker but is not required. In fact, some people with so much creatine in a day have stomach issues where they are fine if they skip the loading phase. 5g in a single dose per day is more than enough unless you are over 400lbs. Best taken post workout with your workout shake. That’s typical. Although it’s all about muscle saturation so you can take it any time. It’s not a pre-workout boosting supplement so timing isn’t as critical. Saturation is. It’s best taken with warm water, hot tea or your whey protein shake. As long as it’s properly mixed you should reap the benefits.

  11. I see a lot of differences in the web like this one which states;

    “Humans carry about two grams of creatine per kilogram of lean muscle mass (one gram per pound). The maximum we can put into muscles is about 3g/kg (1.4g/lb)[47]. To hit this level, a 150 pound male would need about 25 grams of creatine supplementation.Mar 6, 2013”

    is this completlly wrong?

    • It the article means, 25g of creatine supplementation per week to maintain a saturation level, sure, I can believe that. Your muscles can only store so much and that is dependent on your body weight. By default, we create some creatine naturally and it’s found in various foods (most notable red meat). The purpose of supplementation is to achieve saturation levels that are very difficult to obtain purely thru foods. 25g of creatine a week if that’s even what the frame of reference of the statements above refers to, would be difficult to obtain thru a diet. Personally, red meat contains the most and I’m not eating a steak nightly. There is a maximum amount your muscle can hold. Once saturated, additional creatine serves no purpose. 5g a day for the average person is more than enough to be effective and not be anywhere near a dangerous level (assuming you have no preexisting conditions and are a creatine responder).

  12. hi my self shanty. my waight is 68 kg, now i m going to take start creatine. plz suggest me how many times should i take creatine in a day..

    • You can do 3-5g per day for 5 days (loading phase) and then ~3-5g once per day onwards. If you choose not to do the loading phase, it still works. Just takes longer to saturate the muscles. Creatine is all about muscle saturation. 5g is more than ample for most people up to ~350lbs.

  13. Im 173 lbs 5’7 i go to the gym six days a week, how much creatine should i take and still be safe from any damage on the long run.

    • Assuming you are free from any pre-existing kidney conditions, 5g a day is more than enough to enjoy the benefits. Roughly 33% of people don’t respond to regular creatine monohydrate. But the standard 5g, while more than enough for somebody up to 350lbs, will get the job done. Creatine is about muscle saturation. Once you’ve reached that point, more doesn’t help. You simply need to maintain. 5g is plenty.

  14. Daniel Casillas says

    I’m 5’11 190 lbs. how much creatine do I take a day for the loading phase and the m phase?

    • 25.9g for the loading phase per day and 2.59g per day for the maintenance. As you can see this is pretty specific. Most products just recommend 5g a day 4 times a day for the loading and 5g a day for the maintenance. Close enough and no thought required. But that is the specific dosage if you want to extend your creatine. You only need 1/2 the recommended dosage that most products say just for the maintenance phase! 5g just covers a body type well beyond 250 lbs.

  15. Pedro Acobes says

    Hi, I’m 6’4 205.
    How much creatine do I need for loading and maintenance?
    And how many days the loading?
    I work out Monday through Friday
    Rest on the weekend

    • About 27.2g for the loading phase taking 4x a day for 5 days (workout or not). Spread out the loading dosages ~7g in about 4 hour spaces during your day. Then 2.72g a day thereafter for maintenance usually taken after a workout and whenever on non-workout days. Maintain that 2.72g dosage even on the weekends to keep your muscles saturated with creatine.

  16. HI DAVID ,



    • 5g a day as a maintenance once your muscles are saturated with creatine is fine. 12 days of 5 grams a day is fine. Slower than the loading phase but fine. Once you reach that saturation point, taking more does not help. I like to cycle on it for 3 months and then off for at least 1 month. Some people never cycle. There’s no evidence to suggest you must take a break. I like to as a personal preference. While I use it for 3 on – 1 off, you can adjust as you see fit. The reason I cycle it is because I like to experience all the feelings at the beginning of a creatine cycle. Feeling pumped, stronger, etc. And I don’t like taking supplements other than fish oil and protein long term without breaks. But again, personal preference, no evidence to suggest long term usage of 5g a day has any unwanted side effects.

  17. My daughter wants to take it …she is a track runner. She is about 140 pounds so should she take 2-3 g a day , should she do the loading dose and how much? Is it only after work outs. Do you recommend pills instead of powder for HS athletes? Is there a brand you recommend?

  18. Mohammad S Khalil says

    Hey Mark, I am an 7th grader who recently joined football after quitting after 6th grade to play soccer.Football is taken very seriously here, and we lift every day. After joining I was notably weaker and I waited a week and didn’t get much stronger. My friends suggested supplements and creatine looked like the best. I am a receiver and quite skinny, 103 pounds. How much creatine should I take and is there anything I should drink it with? Not looking to try steroids likes me of my friends so creatine looks like the best option.please reply soon

    • As a 7th grader, I wouldn’t recommend any supplements except copious amounts of food (not weight gainers) and a solid muscle building program. Not the answer I’m sure you want, I understand, but when I was in high school at 130 lbs myself, my biggest problem was not eating enough and not doing an actual structured weight training routine. Loved weights but I wasn’t consistent. I liked to eat but I didn’t eat enough and my appetite didn’t prompt me to eat more. Creatine is a great supplement and has many additional health benefits but at your age, youth can’t be beat. I’d like to see your focus on the fundamentals for about 10 years before dabbing in the world of supplementation.

  19. I am 6 feet 140 pounds and I just started talking creating 4 days ago. Gaining weight has always been a struggle bc of fast metabolism. I am working out 4-5 days a week. So far I have been taking 3 grams after a work out. Is that a good amount? Do I take it on off days? Also when should I take a break from it and how long should that break be? Thanks!!

  20. Hi im 26 and weighs about 145-147lbs. Ive been taking 2 teaspoons of allmax creatine mono with my amino energy pre workout. I go to the gym 4-5 times a week for about an hour and a half each time for about 2 months now. When and how long should i stop taking creatine? And how much shpuld i start taking when i get back on creatine again.

  21. I’m 64 at 200lbs. 5.6″ tall I workout 3 times a week. How much cretine per gram and how many takes a day? Thanks

  22. Jason Smith says

    Hi, I’m 6’ 250 lbs. I’ve let my fitness go because of my work schedule. I’m just beginning to work out again. How much creatine do I need to take? I want to skip the loading phase, and what’s the best brand to buy?

    • 5g a day will cover somebody up to ~300 lbs. That’s just a teaspoon per day! Once your muscles reach saturation, you should reap some benefits. I prefer anything Micronized that comes from Germany. Creapure is a brand name but there are products that exclusively use that. I hate making specific recommendations about a particular brand product. So I’d suggest just looking for the word “micronized” which means broken down to smaller particles that hopefully are easier to pass thru from the stomach and where the creatine comes from “germany” would be my preference.

  23. Hi, i’m 26years old. I weigh around 80kgs and height is 5 feet 8inches. I have been taking ON creatine for more than 6months with no brakes in between. I dont take creatine during off days. At first when i started taking Creatine, i just took 5g per day and could feel the benefits. Now i dnt feel the benefits much. Instead, i have noticed that my urine is foamy, even though i drink 4 litres of water.
    Is it affecting my kidneys? After reading your article, i was wondering whether i made a mistake taking 5g a day instead of 2.4g a day!
    Could you please suggest what should i do. Should i consider the washout phase?

  24. John flores says

    I’m taking a diuretic for hypertension, I want to start taking 1.5g of creatine. My blood pressure is below normal as I take the diuretic and have began to eat healthier. Is it safe to take that dose of creatine?

    • Not being a medical professional, I can’t answer this. Hate to give you the ye ole standard but honestly speak with a medical professional. I don’t know how that would affect your health so while I’d like to help, I simply am not the right person to tell you. I want you to be safe and not take chances. I’d seek a doctor with some sports experience that is better qualified to answer your question.

  25. Andy Redhead says

    Hi, I have just started getting into lifting. My creative packet came with a 5ml scoop. For the loading phase(which I have just started today) I have taken 1scoop this morning with diluted juice, 1 scoop at lunch time, and 1 scoops tonight… after 5 days my plan is to reduce to 1 scoop after each workout, which will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday and probably Sunday.

    My size is 184cm 96kg

    Does this sound correct? Or am I going wrong?

    • Sounds correct.. there’s loads of theories on when it take it (workout day, non-workout days) but in the end, as long as you reach saturation levels (loading phase speeds it up) and maintain those levels, you’ll reap the benefits. 5g on your workout days should be enough. That covers up to a ~300lb person. It’s not too much and you should be golden. Keep the water intake levels up!

  26. Blake Bauman says

    Hello, I am a 130 pound 14 year old male. Is 2 grams maintenance enough for me? and is the loading phase really necessary?

    I don’t want to waste my money or take to much.


    • At 14, I honestly wouldn’t waste my money. I’m not a fan of supplements for teenagers. That being said, 2g is plenty at your body weight and the loading phase just speeds up the saturation process but isn’t necessary.

  27. Blake Bauman says

    Oh, and I have another question. What do you think of NOW’s Creatine Monohydrate? is it high quality? I am asked this question because it is VERY cheap for the amount you are getting, and if it is high quality than it’s perfect for me. I don’t have that much money to spend on Creatine. And could you briefly explain the process of reaching the saturation phase, and how to stay there? I have heard that you should stop taking it for a month or so once you have reached saturation through the maintenance dose, then start again, then repeat. Is this true? or once you have reached saturation through the amount you need on maintenance should you continue to take it daily?

    Sorry if I’m asking alot of quesiotions; I just would like to clear up some things. It’s hard to find someone I can talk to who knows about what they’re talking about as far as Creatine goes.
    (Here is the link to NOW’s Creatine.)

    • I don’t know anything about where NOW Creatine gets the product. They say it’s micronized which is great. But they don’t have a Creapure logo so I can’t vouch for the distribution. I prefer to get mine from Germany manufactures if possible. Most probably are Chinese as it’s cheaper. Saturation is just the term for getting the most creatine into your muscles. While it comes from food, it’s in small amounts. You’d need to eat a ton of red meat and such to get to those levels. So people take the micronized monohydrate form to saturate the muscles with as much as they will hold. So when you need it for the production of ATP (small bursts of energy) you’ll have it. You stay there by keeping a maintenance dosage. There’s loads of theories on stopping and starting. I prefer to stop after about 3 months. Just let the levels return to normal and get the feelings of it’s working again. There’s also timing theories.. take it on workout days after.. such and such. I prefer to just take it after.. and do a maintenance daily to help keep saturation levels higher. I don’t time it. I do cycle off it after about 3 months. I think there’s validity to that but there’s no conclusive proof that I’ve seen.

  28. Arthur George III says

    What does loading an maintenance mean?

  29. Amazing article considering it was written five years ago. There are websites who still are providing the wrong information.
    Thank you.

  30. Hi. I’m 46 years old and have been lifting for about a year without creatine supplementation but I’m considering it now to have quicker results. The reason why I did not consider it before was because I have hypertension, but since I am under maintenance treatment with amlodipine, my BP is currently in normal range. I’m planning to consult my physician about this and if I’d get the go-ahead signal, I’d like to skip the loading phase. If I’m going to follow the dose of 0.045 grams of creatine/kg/day for 4- 5 weeks, does it mean that after this, I’d go straight to the washout phase without maintenance phase? Thank you 🙂

    • You’re just starting with the maintenance phase to start with so your next phase is the washout. I like to stay on that maintenance dosage for about ~3 months. Bit longer than the article states which is for general purpose and absolutely fine. I just drag it out a bit. Then I go to the washout phase. In other words, you’re skipping the loading phase, your just doing the maintenance phase to start so it takes a bit longer and then you’ll go to the washout phase.

  31. Okay. I will follow your suggestion. I will prolong the maintenance phase for about a month or so since I will be skipping the loading phase. My doctor said that as long as I do not overdose and stick with the minimum effective dose, I should be fine. I was instructed though to monitor my BP daily while on creatine and have a creatinine clearance test after a week of supplementation just to make sure that my kidneys are fine. Anyway, thank you so much for your advice. Your post is really helpful.

  32. Hii Marc. Tons of useful content in here thanks for that. I read your comment above about you being underweight during childhood. I suffered with the same. Turned 19 but still facing issues with weight gaining. I’m 5’3 at 60kgs right now(Stuck between 55-60 for the entire year) I work my ass of everyday at the gym, on track in terms of body shape but struggling to put on some weight ever since I started lifting. Need your word on that, rest, starting creatine tomorrow, any comments on that as well? Appreciate a response thankyou!

    • Check out a book called “Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle” Solid read. I wish I had this growing up. Nutritional go-to for any occasion. Nothing fancy, no diets, no gimmicks. Just solid nutrition. Weight gain is all about having a surplus. At your age, growing and being active, it’s hard. But if you get a good foundation now along with training, it will make all the difference down the line. You certainly don’t want to introduce bad habits by overeating or eating a ton of junk just to get the calories. Bad habits and there’s issues with that (blood sugar, etc) if you do it haphazardly. That book should be helpful to solidify good foundational nutrition principles you can use today and for a lifetime. Oh and since you are 19.. please stay away from energy drinks. I see a lot of younger people pounding those. Not good. Drink a cup of black coffee if you need a pick me up but stay away from all that energy drink stuff. You don’t need it.

  33. Hi, I am a thin climber happy with my performance and nutrition. I am thinking about taking a mass gainer sporadically when I feel I am training hard but not eating enough dinner. If the mass gainer has a bit of creatine (lets say I take 3 grams of creatine twice a week) will it help me? is it useless? Thank you

  34. Glen Sallee says

    I heard that taking creapure creatine monohydrate is good for those of us who are older. Even if we are not lifting weights. Is this true?

    • It’s true.. in the last decades, there’s been plenty of studies that show other benefits beyond those associated with bodybuilding. Creatine might have a role in fibromyalgia. Creatine may also be useful in improving exercise tolerance in patients with congestive heart failure. I’ve seen studies on other benefits related to cognitive areas. Overall, it’s a great supplement that goes beyond your traditional bodybuilding benefits that are commonly associated with the product.

  35. Hello Marc, just wondering for a 270 lb male, what the right creatine dosage would be, would 5g daily be enough?

  36. My experiences are that Creatine helps a little as hydration is very important. I am currently using creatine. I put Whey protein and Dextrose for a post work out shake or a morning shake on the list way before creatine though. I think an extra meal in any given day is more beneficial than creatine as well. Eat eat eat if u want mass. Most people who take creatine are trying to bulk up and nothing does that like more food. Even though I don’t always follow a great program.. Ideally I wake up in the mooring and have a shake right away with about 30-40 grams of dextrose. Then an hour later or even sooner if I can stomach it, I’ll have 4 eggs and a couple pieces of toast or even better some oatmeal. Then its lunch time only a couple hours later. I have a pretty fast metabolism and the benefit to that is that I get ripped looking easily and basically cant get fat. I suppose the downside is that I lose mass very quickly if I skip meals. Usually people don’t eat enough. Id say the second reason they don’t get results is by not pushing themselves hard enough in the gym. You have to almost get angry at something.. even if its yourself.. to get into the pain zone. Well.. I just had my after work out shake 50 minutes ago and I’m off to go eat some peanut butter now and whatever else I have in the pantry. Audios!

  37. Hi Marc,

    Excellent article! I assumed there was a more accurate way to dose creatine and that the blanket statement of “5 grams per day”, while generally harmless, is overkill for most people.

    Some questions for you:

    – Where did you across your figures? I.e. “0.3 grams of creatine per kilogram of body weight during loading phase” and “0.03 grams of creatine per kilogram of body weight during the maintenance phase”. I’m assuming a study. If so, can you please link it for me?

    – Do the numbers factor in an individual who does strength training? And/or do you know how much creatine is burned up through an average strength training workout? At my body weight of 160lbs I should be taking 2.18 grams of creatine daily to maintain according to your chart. However since I do strength training 3 days a week (like everyone here I imagine), should I be taking a bit more than 2.18 grams to maintain? If so, how much?

    I’m on day 4 of my loading phase. Yesterday was a workout day for me and I already added reps and have noticeably larger looking muscles! I’m thankful for you for providing this great info on proper creatine dosing. My thoughts are that by dosing properly (i.e. not taking more than ones body can absorb) some of the side effects like bloating (once past the loading phase) and hair loss will be greatly minimized. Plus it allows one to save a bit of money!

  38. Why is it necessary to have a “washout” phase? Can’t you take minimum dosages as long as you want or is there a safety issue beyond a few months?

    • I like to just stop taking supplements every so often to clear out ATP stores, just take a break from the product and get the feeling again. I’ve not seen anything yet that says you have to use a washout phase or anything that says to date there is a safety issue with taking a minimum dosage for long periods of time. It’s more of a personal thing I’ve picked up from older studies and journals.

  39. I’m a woman over 40 and want to take Creatine to get benefits but don’t want to take it every day. I lift 2 X a week and cardio 5 x a week. So I’m doing something every day. I just wanted to use it for after heavy weight lifting workout. Would I get any benefits from taking it 2 – 3 days a week?

  40. Hello I’m 5’4 and weigh about 126. My metabolism works really fast and I’m always pretty active. I go to the gym 4 times a week and haven’t been able to put on much mass. I try to get all my calories and protein from food, but I do supplement with whey. I’m not sure if Creatine would help me gain mass. Should I give it a shot, and if so how much should I take if I want to avoid the loading phase?

    • Creatine is there to keep your muscles saturated. It’s not a weight gainer. It has a lot of other benefits including the ability to do more work. And more work can translate into more muscle. 2.5 – 5g a day is fine. It will take a bit longer without the loading phase to get your muscle saturated but that’s fine. Once they are, your muscle can only store so much. Taking beyond 5g won’t do anything for you. Working out will reduce your stores and supplementing again will help to increase them. No need for a loading phase if you don’t want to do it.

  41. Bobby Bawa says

    My son is 17 years old and he taking 5gms of creatine, is it dangerous because he he is not listening pls advise

    • I’m never a fan of supplementation for teenagers … that being said. If you are taking the recommended dose (~5g), there have been no adverse side effects to date unless you have some pre-existing kidney issues or are taking way way beyond a regular dosage. Creatine is technically found in many foods including red meat. So it’s a “naturally” occuring substance. I am not a medial professional so don’t take my advice as such. If he follows the directions and it’s from a reputable company and assuming there are no conditions that exist that would affect the kidneys, then statistically speaking, there’s very very little evidence to suggest detrimental affects from proper creatien use.

  42. Almighty says

    I am a beginner at taking creatine I want to use for my workouts .. If I mix the mono hydrated creatine up with water how mych water do I need in my bottle ? Can I fill my bottle up with water and mix up with 5 grams? And be fine? Or should I use less than 5grams? As a beginner? And does the water have to be filled up all the way it halfway depending on how much creatine I am mixing? Or is it okay for me to fill water up all the way to the bottle and still mix 5 grams or less? And I drink a lot of water daily also should I cut back from drinking so much water when taking supplement?

    • 5g as a daily maintenance dose is what most companies recommend. You could do 2.5 and be fine for most people. The amount of water you need doens’t matter as much. You’re just mixing it and drinking it. You can fill it all the way up or whatever is comfortable. I typically use 8oz and just take a dosage that way. You probably want to increase your water intake when using creatine. Not cut back. Half your bodyweight in ounces per day is plenty for most people unless you are sweating a lot or doing something extreme.

  43. Almighty says

    So if im using 1 gram of creatine.. or less than a gram in a 24 oz bottle how much water should be filled ?using 1 gram or less in a 700mL/24oz bottle?

    • It doesn’t matter. You are just using the water as a transport agent. You’ll want to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. 5g is a normal maintenance dose. You can fill it to 24 oz or less. The amount of water won’t matter.

  44. short&fat&healthy says

    Hi Marc,

    I’m 5’3″, 275lbs. I started taking creatine recently to add some muscle to my fat ass body. I loaded for a few days at 15g a day and I felt quite bloated, but I always feel bloated so its hard to tell. I am now taking 5g a day and feel like I am getting some muscle gains, but still feel bloated everyday. Could this be from the creatine or is diet the more likely cause (I eat fairly healthy despite my size – fast food only 2-3x per week now)? Also, how do I get my chest shredded? I am tired of these bitch tits.
    Please help Marc!!!
    Thanks for your time.

    • Are you taking micronized creatine? If so, how much? 5g? Maybe tapper that down to 2g a day. Diet plays a huge part so it’s hard to say to be honest. You could have a reaction to another food that makes you feel bloated? Are you or do you know if you have any food allergies?

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