Creatine for Women: It’s Not Just a Man’s World Anymore

Is Creatine for Women?  Where is her Creatine?

Creatine Monohydrate has been extremely popular for men for many decades but what you didn’t know is that it can offer benefits to women!

Creatine for women?  But you’ll get big and bulky.

You’ve heard:

  • Pink Dumbbells are for women
  • High reps, low weight is for toning and that’s what most women should do
  • Deadlifts and Squats are for guys, inner thigh machines and leg extensions are for women
  • Creatine helps your muscles get the nutrients you need to perform
  • Creatine makes you bulky and bloated

Like many things bodybuilding, there are myths and misconceptions about exericses and supplements.   Let’s set the record straight and say for men and women, there are no his and her exercises and most supplements will benefit both sexes.
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